rifle – Pistol Cartridge Cases

Per 100
7,62×25 TokarevStarline$ 44.00View Image
7,63×25 Mauser C96Starline$ 4400View Image
7,5×22.5R Swed./Swiss NagantAVB$ 88.00View Image
8mm NambuAVB$ 88.00View Image
8mm Roth Steyr M1907AVB$ 88.00View Image
9×23 Steyr M1911:,$50.00AVB$ 55.00View Image
9×23 Bergmann/LargoAVB$ 55.00View Image
9×25 Mauser M1908 ExportAVB$ 55.00View Image
10,4 Glisenti RevolverAVB$ 55.00View Image
.442 RIC RevolverAVB$ 132.00View Image
.450 Adams/ColtAVB$ 132.00View Image
.455 Webley Mark II/VIAVB$ 132.00View Image
.455 Webley AutoAVB$ 132.00View Image

Do you have an odd
gun that you just
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