Obsolete Cartridge Cases


Supersedes all previous Catalogues & Price Lists
Effective 1 August 2016

Customers Please Note: Due to the Falling Australian Dollar, and also rising world Metal prices, AV Ballistics Technical Services is constrained to raise its Prices for most items of Brass content. This current 2015/2016 Price List should hold till well into 2016, Unless the Aud$ falls catastrophically.

Others Sporting Cartridge Cases &
Obsolete Case Designs

Other Sporting Cartridge Cases

Per 50Per 100
.218 Bee$ 44.00$ 88.00View Image
.25/20 WCF$ 44.00$ 88.00View Image
.219 Zipper$ 55.00$ 99.00View Image
.25/35 WCF$55.00$ 99.00View Image
.243 Win.$ 88.00View Image
.22/250: HD$ 99.00View Image
.250 Savage: HD$ 88.00View Image
.260 Rem: HD$ 88.00View Image
7mm-08:HD$ 77.00View Image
300 Savage: HD$ 77.00View Image
.358 Win: HD$ 77.00View Image
.310 Cadet$ 55.00$ 99.00 View Image
.297/230 Morris Long$ 55.00$ 154.00 View Image
.442 L.Rook/Kangaroo$ 88.00$ 154.00 View Image
Other British Rook CtgsPOA View Image
.45/70 US Gov’t (Starline)POA View Image
.45/90,(Starline)POA View Image
.45/100-2,6” (Starline)POA View Image

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