Obsolete Cartridge Cases


Supersedes all previous Catalogues & Price Lists
Effective 1 August 2016

Customers Please Note: Due to the Falling Australian Dollar, and also rising world Metal prices, AV Ballistics Technical Services is constrained to raise its Prices for most items of Brass content. This current 2015/2016 Price List should hold till well into 2016, Unless the Aud$ falls catastrophically.


AV Ballistics has a large variety of quality once-fired shotshells in 12 gauge. Case designs are European tube type; base sleeves vary from low brass to high brass, with European intermediate sizes in between. Brands include Winchester, S&B, Bornaghi, Rio, Fiocchi, and sundry others.

The shells are in clean and excellent condition, and can be reloaded with appropriate components. Body colours vary like the rainbow (Gold, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, etc)

Winchester AA One-Piece Extruded Shells: NO Longer Available. All supplies of Win AA Lowbase & HighBase Shells Exhausted ( production terminated 2003)

Per 1000
Winchester Two Piece Shells: (Red or Silver)$ 33.00View Image
Winchester XTR (Two Piece) Shells$ 33.00View Image
Winchester AA-HS Slippery Plastic Shells$ 44.00View Image
Remington “Gordon System” Shells$ 44.00View Image
Remington Brass head Premium shells$ 44.00View Image
Fiocchi Shells: (Blue or Black)$ 33.00View Image
Federal Two Piece, Steel Head Shells: ( Dark Red)$ 33.00View Image
Generic (Italian made) Two Piece Shells: (Various Colours)$ 33.00View Image
Rio-UEE Two Piece Shells: (Green & Blue)$ 33.00View Image
Other Brands: Gamebore, Rio V.High Brass, etc. available$ 49.50View Image

Some of the above shells are also available in “Hi-Brass” type, suitable for Buckshot.

Plastic Shells can also be supplied pre-trimmed to 2-1/2 or 2 inch varieties ( Black Powder or Western Action types.
( extra charge $20 per 1,000 trimmed)

Shells can also be shipped in “Mixed Lots”, in batches of 250 to make up 1,000, with different colours (eg, Red and Black etc.) All shells are shipped in 1,000-shell Boxes by Australia Post. For 10 or more Boxes, Toll-NQX Road freight is the most economical method.

Please call for availability (small lots) of 20 Gauge and 28 Gauge. Sorry, NO .410 cases.

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