Obsolete Cartridge Cases


Supersedes all previous Catalogues & Price Lists
Effective 1 August 2016

Customers Please Note: Due to the Falling Australian Dollar, and also rising world Metal prices, AV Ballistics Technical Services is constrained to raise its Prices for most items of Brass content. This current 2015/2016 Price List should hold till well into 2016, Unless the Aud$ falls catastrophically.

Military Surplus
(Once Fired) Brass Cases

Per 500 (Sleeve of 10×50 or 5×100)
5,56mm (.223) ADI (Australian) mfd.,
1990-2000s Full Length Sized and Decapped, Primer Pocket Swaged,
Polished, selected by Year
$ 154.00View Image
7,62 Nato (.308) ADI, AFF: 1985-1993.
Full length Sized, and Decapped, Primer Pocket Swaged, selected
by Year
$176.00View Image
30/06 Igman Konjic (Bosnia), Full Length Sized, etc$198.00View Image
9mm Parabellum WCC, Win, Fed., etc.:,Full Length Sized etc$88.00 per
500 case Bag
($165.00 per 1,000)
View Image

Due to the Automatic process for Sizing  Military cases, some “Lube Dents” may appear from time to time on 5,56, 7,62 and Cal. 30 cases at the shoulder. These are Cosmetic, and will “blow out” when fired. They don’t affect Reloadability or Feed & Function. If the Customer requires Military cases for their own Reforming Projects ( ie, .270 from .30, etc) we will endeavour either to Form the cases to the finished calibre, or supply selected , “Undented” cases.

Do you have an odd
gun that you just
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