Do you have an odd
gun that you just
can't find brass for?


AV Ballistics Formed Obsolete

cases are all Boxer primer design.

 They are Full length sized in the appropriate dies, and are trimmed to length as required. 

All rim and extractor groove modifications are Lathe Turned. Some cases, due to the nature of the parent case, may be slightly shorter than normal factory case length, but this shortness does not affect safety or case life.

For Mle.1890, Mle.1892, Mle.07/15 French Berthier Carbines &Rifles in 8mm Lebel cartridge.

Made in Qld., to original specification. Correct length & diameters, correct 4×0,7 MA Screw Threading.



Are you sick of getting cases

glugged up by corn cob or walnut
shell polishing medium?

Tired of spending money on “rejuvenators” and other expensive additives to get your cases clean? Then AVB has the answer…the AVB Case Cleaning Granulated PVC.

Other Obsolete
Case Designs

We can form most obsolete case designs to order, if given sufficient information (name, designs, type of rifle or pistol, etc).

  • Minimum Order Quantities are 50 for Formed Rifle Cases, and 50 for Formed Pistol Cases, 500 For Military Once-Fired Brass & for Military Processed Brass, or as noted.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST, & (additional) Postage anywhere in Australia is according to Aust. Post rates. The most economical way of ordering for Postal cost is in lots of 100 cartridge cases, or greater (Up to 20 Kg Total Mass).
  • Use is made of 3kg and 5kg Aust. Post Satchels for economical, Fast Postage. Parcels over 5 kg are sent Parcel Post rates (Max. 20kg.)
  • Customers requiring Bulk lots of Military Once-fired Brass can contact us for details of shipment and cost. (Orders of 2000 plus, or more than 20kg).
  • These travel by Toll NQX Transport, Depot to Depot (Business addressee Delivery Only.) Personal deliveries can be picked up at NQX Depot in major cities.

How to

Email us at with the following details:

  • Email us at with the following details:
  • Your Mailing Address (Street or POB Number, and Postcode)
  • Type and quantity of Shells or other products required.